To those of you who were expecting to be viewing Trewythen Hall care home website. Unfortunately, it has been replaced by this default notice because Brian Pinson the new owner of this care home has failed to pay outstanding invoices by the due date.


This dispute has rumbled on for many months and despite a number of email and phone requests for payment nothing has been forthcoming.


It is a serious matter and needs to be sorted as quickly as possible for debtor and creditor alike. Especially when it impacts on the financial wellbeing of both parties involved.


Situations like this nearly always result in the termination of what was otherwise a good business relationship that goes back many years.


The creditor will instruct solicitors to instigate court proceedings to recover the outstanding debts including legal costs if this dispute is not resolved in the near future.



Trewythen Hall News Update


Trewythen Hall latest care inspection hasn't gone well. A number of concerns were raised by Care Inspectorate Wales government officials that are too numerous to mention here. More detail is to follow in a separate site.


6th September 2019 - Trewythen Hall still has not paid their webmaster's outstanding invoices which now amount to £900, perhaps they think because he is 80 years of age forgetfulness might help their cause. However it does beg the question, is it symtomatic of how they treat their own elderly residents at this Brian Pinson managed home? If the previous inspection by the Care Inspectorate Wales is anything to go by it cannot be lightly dismissed which must raise doubts for all concerned.


18th September 2019 - Brian Pinson appoints prestigious Chester based solicitors - Storrar Cowdry to launch a legal action against their creditor with their prime objective being to remove this Default Notice. More detail is to follow in a separate site.


5th October 2019 - Trewythen Hall home owner Brian Pinson learned today that his other care home - Park Manor in Poole, Dorset had also failed to match previous good standards when government inspectors employed by the Care Quality Commission recently visited the home. Unfortunately it failed to achieve good ratings in 2 out of 5 crucial tests and resulted in the home being marked down as Requires Improvement



Wrexham Care Homes


For those of you that are interested in finding an alternative care home for a loved one or family friend we have included the icons below that link to nearby residential homes that are regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate Wales.